Three Party Venues Where You Will Have To Rent Tables And Chairs For Your Party

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When planning a party, many people tend to think food, decorations, games, music and/or entertainment. They tend to overlook places to sit and tables on which to place food. Before you get started on planning your own party, find out if you need to rent tables and chairs. Here are some party venues where you will definitely need to bring your own tables and chairs and renting them is your best option. Party in the Park Lots of weddings, birthday parties and graduation parties are held in the parks in the spring and summer months because cities rent the pavillions so cheaply. The downside to this wonderfully outdoorsy venue is that you have to supply your own tables and chairs. Not too many picnic tables are available for your use, and it generally is not very polite to hog all of the picnic tables in the park. When you rent your tables and chairs, you can also have them delivered and set up for your little party area in the park. Bash on the Beach Even if you can find a private stretch of beach, tables and chairs are not items you can find tucked into a nearby sea cave, to be sure. As beautiful as a wedding on the beach is, the bridal party is not going to want to sit in the sand in their dressy and expensive outfits (unless, of course, you all wear swimsuits or shorts instead of fancy wedding clothes). Likewise, your guests are probably not going to want to form rows sitting in the sand, nor are your caterers going to set the food in trays on the sand. Because it will be difficult to set up for a beach wedding or party in advance without knowing what the tides will do, you will need to reserve your tables and chairs for the date of your bash, and then have someone set up on the morning of the event. Home Turf Hullabaloo Parties at home in the backyard are one way of cutting event costs and venue costs, but you will still need to rent tables and chairs. The convenient part of choosing your yard as the party venue is that you can set up the tables and chairs the night before the event and then you only need to dress the tables with tablecloths, napkins and centerpieces the next day. The inconvenient part is trying to figure out how many tables and chair sets you can fit into your yard. After you have taken measurements of the available space in your yard, ask an agent at a rental store, like Party People Rentals & Sales for example, to help you figure out what...

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How To Play Music That Everyone Will Like At Your Wedding Reception

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At your wedding reception, you are probably looking forward to hiring a DJ or a band to play all of your favorite tunes. One thing that you might be worried about is whether or not all of your guests will like your song selection. Obviously, everyone has a different taste in music, and your grandma might not appreciate all of the same songs that your teenage nieces and nephews do. There are a few tips that you can follow to play music that everyone is sure to enjoy at your wedding reception, which will help encourage everyone to get up out of their seats and hit the dance floor. Skip the Band, and Choose a DJ Instead Even though you might like the idea of having a band at your wedding reception, choosing a DJ instead can be a better choice. This is because the best DJs can play a wider range of different types of music than your average band, allowing you to switch things up to keep all of your guests happy. As an added bonus, you’ll probably find that hiring a DJ is a whole lot cheaper, too. Ask for Suggestions You don’t have to come up with a whole set list on your own. Instead, consider asking some of your close friends and family members about which songs they would like to hear at your wedding. You might be surprised by the guests who will be willing to share their favorites so that you can build up a list for the DJ. Play Oldies but Goodies Instead of sticking to the newest and most popular songs, consider taking things back a few decades and playing some of your favorite oldies songs. The older guests at your wedding are sure to appreciate hearing something that they actually recognize, and even younger groups often love “the oldies but goodies.” Watch the Language Your grandma might not like the newest hip-hop songs, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t play them at your wedding. Just consider asking the DJ to play the edited version of any song that might include language that would make some of your guests feel uncomfortable. This can allow you to play a wider range of music at your event without offending anyone. Playing music that everyone will like at your wedding reception might seem tough, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. Just work closely with your DJ and follow these simple tips to do...

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3 Important Piano Care Tips

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A piano can be a great investment, a beautiful instrument, and, if properly cared for, can last for generations. Caring for a piano can be a bit confusing at first. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about just a few of the most common piano care tips. Whether you’re playing a used piano or a brand new one, you will find that these tips come in handy. Professional Maintenance Although it may seem like you can do it, it is highly recommended that you do not perform delicate tuning or maintenance work on your own. A trained technician will have the tools, expertise, and proper parts. A minor touch up should be done each time your technician does a professional tuning; this will ensure that no minor wear and tear occurs and your piano is working at its full capacity. A complete regulation tuning should be performed between every two and five years, depending on how often your piano is played and how many people in your household are playing it. Cleaning Tips Condensation can ruin your piano. It can warp the finish and even harm the integrity of its innards. This means that you should keep any drinks and vases off of the piano. Before placing any dry objects on the piano, make sure you have a piece of cloth or felt handy, as objects that are jostled around a bit can scratch the finish. Do not use furniture polish on your piano’s finish as this can work towards weakening the finish and many of the oils that are used in such polishes can wind up contaminating your piano’s wood. Simply use a feather duster throughout your piano’s outer areas and wipe it off with a damp cloth against the grain. Wipe any leftover moisture with a dry cloth. Temperature and Light Extreme temperature changes can warp the wood and permanently damage the innards of your piano, so keep your piano in a well regulated temperature. Do not place it in any direct sunlight, as this can serve to damage the finish of your piano. Excess humidity can cause both shrinking and swelling of the wood and keys, so it is recommended that you invest in a dehumidifier for the room which contains your piano. Taking care of your piano need not be a taxing task. Throughout the course of this brief guide, you have hopefully learned how to begin properly taking care of your piano. Contact a professional, like Gavin Piano Services Inc., for further...

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Planning A Short Trip To A Big City? What To Know

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If you are going to tour a large city and you aren’t sure how to fit everything in while you’re are there, there are a few different ways you can get to know the city without chaos. If you want to see the true side of the city and how the city became what it was, you need to plan accordingly. Where you stay, what you plan to see, and how you spend your time will depend on how much of the city you get through. Here are a few things you want to consider when planning the trip. Stay Downtown Stay downtown so you can walk everywhere and save money on transportation costs. You can check out all the local restaurants and nightlife without having to worry about driving anywhere, and you can plan your vacation around what areas are the easiest to walk to. The hotel may also have tours and lists of things you can do and they could have shuttles to attractions. Utilize Bus Tours A bus tour from a company like Open Loop New York around the city will help you see all of the fun spots, the great historical landmarks, and the important properties, and you don’t have to deal with traffic or get behind the wheel. These tours will help you find places that you want to explore more, and they will allow you to get to see everything in a relaxed atmosphere. Book and Schedule in Advance Many different tours and shows or events could need tickets or reservations. Make sure that plan everything before you go so you can get into the clubs or restaurants you want to see and that you get tickets for any shows or events that you have going. You may need to book tours in advance as well. Your hotel may also be able to get you tickets for things in advance. Looking at the local newspapers when you get there can help you get more insight on what’s going on with the people that live in the city, beyond what is happening at the popular attractions in the city. Ask the hotel workers and locals what you can do where the crowds won’t be huge and the atmosphere will be authentic. You can plan a vacation to a huge city and do things other than what is on the main strip when you get...

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3 Types Of Street Fairs You Can Create Inexpensively Using Event Tents, Chairs And Folding Tables

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Street fairs are very popular, regardless of the season or time of year. They are a fun and entertaining way to get to know your neighbors, and they do not have to be big, costly or flashy events. If you charge a very small fee for each visitor, then you will probably break even by renting event tents, chairs and folding tables for the fair. If you and your neighbors would like to host a street fair and do it inexpensively, there are three types of fairs that tend to draw a crowd. Street Performances Invite your neighbors out for street performances. Dancers, musicians, actors and mimes can all participate, and everyone will have a pleasant time being entertained by the talent in your neighborhood. If necessary, you can build small wooden platforms as stages, but most dancers and actors will not need them. Small event tents placed back to back in the center of the street and filled with whatever chairs you can rent or find will allow visitors to sit and watch any of the performances that line the sides of the street. Just be sure to plan ahead for your street’s event and secure any necessary permits from your city to host the event. Since street fairs block off the flow of traffic, all of your neighbors whose properties will be blocked because of the fair need to agree to it, even if they do not participate.  Art Fairs Many local art fairs are popular events, but you can host a weekly or monthly art fair right on your street. Patrons and visitors alike can browse the wares of the artists in your neighborhood, who might not otherwise have a way to display and sell their wares. Event tents may be offered for the going rate of a daily rental fee to the artists, or the artists can choose to display their wares in the open air and sunshine instead of under the roof of an event tent. Ethnic Food Festivals Like many neighborhoods, you probably have several ethnicities and nationalities represented. If each of your ethnic neighbors would like to share some traditional dishes that they enjoy during the holidays, everyone can taste foods from around the world. In this particular street fair, most of your cooks would need to rent an event tent for a few hours (especially if you live in a colder part of the U.S.) and probably some tables and chairs as well. Small fees to the event to cover the cost of groceries and rentals should help make this festival not only an enjoyable and delicious one, but also an inexpensive one. If you’re interested in an event tent,...

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Cleaning The Inside Of A Glass Vase

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If you enjoy the look of a glass vase in your home to show off floral arrangements, hold potpourri to give the room a pleasing fragrance, or hold pretty shells, pebbles, or sand to use as an eye-catching conversation piece, you will want to take the time to periodically clean out the interior. In time, the insides of glass vases can become encrusted in dust and residue from holding flowers in water. Here are some tips to use when cleaning the interior of a glass vase so it looks good as new. Cloudy Marks To remove a cloudy haze from the interior of a glass vase, use a mixture of vinegar and coarse sand. Pour a cup or two of vinegar into the bottle and add a few tablespoons of sand. Hold the vase and carefully shake it so the sand scrapes against the interior of the vase with the vinegar helping to cushion the abrasion. Do this for a minute and let the vinegar soak on the area for a half an hour before repeating the shaking process. This may take about a dozen shakes before the cloudiness disappears, but when it finally disappears you will be left with a vase that has a crystal clear shine. Staining To remove stains that have settled on the vase’s interior, fill halfway with water. Add an effervescent tablet used for indigestion. Leave the tablet in the water overnight. In the morning, the stains will miraculously be gone! Another way to remove staining is to fill the vase half-way with water and add a dish washing cleaning tablet. This will slowly disintegrate, spreading the cleanser in the liquid so it soaks the stain away within hours. For stains that are stubborn, you may need to follow the above methods with a vinegar soaking. Fill your sink with very hot water and add a cup of two of vinegar. Place the vase into the water, making sure the water completely covers the area with the stain. Allow to sit overnight. The next day, use a soft-bristled dish brush to scrub away any stains from the interior of the glass.  Floral Residue When you have residue left behind from using the vase for fresh flowers, you can make a paste to eat away at this material so your vase is clear once again. Place a tablespoon of salt in a small bowl. Add a tablespoon of vinegar and mix will. Use a long-handled toothbrush or dish scrubbing-brush to adhere the paste to the interior of the vase. Let the paste sit for a few minutes, scrub once again and rinse with water to remove the residue. Click here for more information on glass vase...

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