3 Types Of Street Fairs You Can Create Inexpensively Using Event Tents, Chairs And Folding Tables

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Street fairs are very popular, regardless of the season or time of year. They are a fun and entertaining way to get to know your neighbors, and they do not have to be big, costly or flashy events. If you charge a very small fee for each visitor, then you will probably break even by renting event tents, chairs and folding tables for the fair. If you and your neighbors would like to host a street fair and do it inexpensively, there are three types of fairs that tend to draw a crowd. Street Performances Invite your neighbors out for street performances. Dancers, musicians, actors and mimes can all participate, and everyone will have a pleasant time being entertained by the talent in your neighborhood. If necessary, you can build small wooden platforms as stages, but most dancers and actors will not need them. Small event tents placed back to back in the center of the street and filled with whatever chairs you can rent or find will allow visitors to sit and watch any of the performances that line the sides of the street. Just be sure to plan ahead for your street’s event and secure any necessary permits from your city to host the event. Since street fairs block off the flow of traffic, all of your neighbors whose properties will be blocked because of the fair need to agree to it, even if they do not participate.  Art Fairs Many local art fairs are popular events, but you can host a weekly or monthly art fair right on your street. Patrons and visitors alike can browse the wares of the artists in your neighborhood, who might not otherwise have a way to display and sell their wares. Event tents may be offered for the going rate of a daily rental fee to the artists, or the artists can choose to display their wares in the open air and sunshine instead of under the roof of an event tent. Ethnic Food Festivals Like many neighborhoods, you probably have several ethnicities and nationalities represented. If each of your ethnic neighbors would like to share some traditional dishes that they enjoy during the holidays, everyone can taste foods from around the world. In this particular street fair, most of your cooks would need to rent an event tent for a few hours (especially if you live in a colder part of the U.S.) and probably some tables and chairs as well. Small fees to the event to cover the cost of groceries and rentals should help make this festival not only an enjoyable and delicious one, but also an inexpensive one. If you’re interested in an event tent,...

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Cleaning The Inside Of A Glass Vase

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If you enjoy the look of a glass vase in your home to show off floral arrangements, hold potpourri to give the room a pleasing fragrance, or hold pretty shells, pebbles, or sand to use as an eye-catching conversation piece, you will want to take the time to periodically clean out the interior. In time, the insides of glass vases can become encrusted in dust and residue from holding flowers in water. Here are some tips to use when cleaning the interior of a glass vase so it looks good as new. Cloudy Marks To remove a cloudy haze from the interior of a glass vase, use a mixture of vinegar and coarse sand. Pour a cup or two of vinegar into the bottle and add a few tablespoons of sand. Hold the vase and carefully shake it so the sand scrapes against the interior of the vase with the vinegar helping to cushion the abrasion. Do this for a minute and let the vinegar soak on the area for a half an hour before repeating the shaking process. This may take about a dozen shakes before the cloudiness disappears, but when it finally disappears you will be left with a vase that has a crystal clear shine. Staining To remove stains that have settled on the vase’s interior, fill halfway with water. Add an effervescent tablet used for indigestion. Leave the tablet in the water overnight. In the morning, the stains will miraculously be gone! Another way to remove staining is to fill the vase half-way with water and add a dish washing cleaning tablet. This will slowly disintegrate, spreading the cleanser in the liquid so it soaks the stain away within hours. For stains that are stubborn, you may need to follow the above methods with a vinegar soaking. Fill your sink with very hot water and add a cup of two of vinegar. Place the vase into the water, making sure the water completely covers the area with the stain. Allow to sit overnight. The next day, use a soft-bristled dish brush to scrub away any stains from the interior of the glass.  Floral Residue When you have residue left behind from using the vase for fresh flowers, you can make a paste to eat away at this material so your vase is clear once again. Place a tablespoon of salt in a small bowl. Add a tablespoon of vinegar and mix will. Use a long-handled toothbrush or dish scrubbing-brush to adhere the paste to the interior of the vase. Let the paste sit for a few minutes, scrub once again and rinse with water to remove the residue. Click here for more information on glass vase...

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Affordable Christmas Options For The Man In Your Life

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Christmas is a time to surround yourself with family, eat good food, and enjoy the holiday decorations. As Christmas nears, many people get stressed out at the idea of buying a present for their loved ones. When it comes to buying a present for a man, it can get much harder. A lot of men are not great at making a wish list for their significant other for Christmas, whereas women enjoy shopping in general so they know what is out and can pinpoint what they want easier. If you are stressed over finding the right gift for your man, here are some ideas to help you narrow it down.  Sports Gear According to a Gallup pole, 3 out of 4 men consider themselves a sports fan. In general, many men are more competitive and enjoy the competition sports provides. If your guy is into sports, there are a number of great items you can score for your man. Some of the best gifts your man will appreciate include sporting event tickets, sports equipment, and even sports memorabilia. There are numerous sports teams and categories available to choose from. You can usually find these things online, shopping malls, and local sports stores.  TV Series DVD Sets The average American watches about 5 hours of TV a day according to a report by Nielsen. This means, it is likely your guy is probably an avid TV watcher as well. Take a look at what he typically watches on TV. If he has a favorite television series he enjoys watching, you can always find a great affordable discount TV series on DVD to get him for Christmas. Most DVD sets come in several different seasons so you can choose between getting one season or several depending on what your budget is.  Items to Match his Hobby Before you start shopping for your man, you need to consider his interests before selecting a gift. Think about what your guy enjoys doing when he isn’t working or spending time with you. Getting him something that goes along with his hobby can be a great idea and you can almost guarantee that he will enjoy it. Examples include a brew kit if your man likes beer, car parts if he likes working on cars, or accessories if he enjoys riding recreational vehicles. These are just some ideas to help you get started on your Christmas shopping for your...

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3 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Wedding Reception Hall Layout

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When it comes to weddings, many couples tend to focus more on the ceremony itself and not on the reception afterward. However, the reception is where everyone can dine with each other and gets to have fun. Much like wedding cake, wedding reception halls come in many different varieties. One trick to having a stellar wedding reception is knowing how to make the most out of the reception hall’s layout. Here are three tips to help you do just that. 1. Keep the food in one area of the room. If you are having a more informal wedding reception, your guests will likely serve themselves when it comes to food and drink. For these types of wedding receptions, it makes the most sense to have all of the food and drinks set up in one area of the room. This way, your guests are only going back and forth to one area of the room for their food and drink needs, and they don’t have to look around for where specific items are. It also frees up space for dining tables and an area for dancing. 2. Consider using smaller, round tables for seating. Using smaller, round tables will make it easier for you and your guests to navigate the room. While some may think using long, rectangular tables pushed together to form a long line is a better use of the space in the reception hall, it can make it extremely difficult for people to get to other areas of the room. If a guest is sitting in the middle of the long line of tables, they will have to walk a good deal more in order to get to the food, bathrooms, or dance floor. But with the smaller, round tables, they can have a clear pathway to get where they need to go quickly. 3. If you plan to have dancing, be sure to leave enough room for it. One of the biggest mistakes couples make when planning out their wedding reception is they underestimate how many of the guests will want to dance. Because of this, they only leave a small area of the room clear for dancing. Either guests have to move tables and chairs out of the way or they end up bumping into them and knocking things over. It is better to overestimate and have a large part of the room designated for dancing, than to have an area that’s far too small for everyone who wants to dance. When picking a wedding reception location, also consider that a place like Lake St Louis Banquet Center will have different room options to fit your...

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How Much Money Should You Bring with You’re the First Time You Play Poker?

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Playing poker can be fun, but it can also be nerve wracking. This is true for experienced poker players and novices alike. Part of what makes the game so enjoyable is the excitement and risk involved. However, there are many aspects of the game that should not be a cause of anxiety. Simple table etiquette and proper buy in amounts are things that should not cause you to worry. This article is to help you understand how much money you should bring with you to the casino. What Type Of Poker Are You Going To Play? For the purpose of this article, the term poker refers to table games not video poker. With that being said, there are still many different types of poker. There is Texas Hold Em, Pot Limit Omaha, Seven Card Stud, Deuce-to-Seven Triple Draw, Omaha 8 or Better, and many more. The most common games that you will find in the casinos around San Diego will likely be Texas Hold ‘Em, Pot Limit Omaha and Mixed Games. Mixed games refers to a game where the dealer will spread several different types of poker. Typical mixes might include a Stud round, a Hold’Em round, and a Draw round. The reason it is important to know what type of poker you are playing is that it will dictate how much money you should bring. In a limit game, like Stud, you are unlikely to loose all of your money on one hand. However, in No Limit and Pot Limit games, it is common for people to win or lose an entire buy-in in one hand. So, decide if you are going to play limit, pot limit, no limit, or stud. A good rule is to bring at least two full buy-ins. A full buy-in for No Limit and Pot Limit would be 100 big blinds. In stud,limit and draw, a good buy in would be 30 big blinds. How Much In Real Money Is That? That depends on the stakes. If you’re playing a $1/$2 blind No Limit game, that means you should bring $200. If you’re in a $2/$4 Limit game, then you should bring $120. Keep Your Second Buy In Off The Table You don’t have to buy all of your chips at the beginning. You can buy 100 big blinds and sit down to play, then when you want to reload you can ask the chip runner to get you more. If you do happen to buy 200 big blinds when you first arrive at the casino, be careful about putting the entire amount on the table.  If the chips are on the table, as opposed to in your pocket or purse, then they...

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