Three First-Date Ideas for Newport News Area Couples Recovering from Alcoholism

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If you and your date are both in recovery and are looking for date ides that don’t involve alcohol, then your search could be frustrating. Drinks at a bar are out, and so are nightclubs. And dinner can be tricky, with everyone around you drinking wine or beer. So, instead of suffering in silence and ending up causing the date to be super awkward, it’s better to just pick a place where there won’t be as much of a temptation. The best way to do this is to either choose a place where there is no possibility of alcohol or a place where there will be lots of fun activities that will keep you distracted. Here are three different options to consider. Rock Climbing If you go indoor rock climbing, there is not much chance of being tempted. They don’t serve scotch or tequila shooters at these places. The most you can get is water, energy drinks, and soda. Plus, you will get to have a super cool time. Rock climbing is an interactive activity, so you won’t have to sit around, without a glass of wine no less, and think of stuff to talk about. You will have a fun time harnessing up and climbing the wall. Kayak the James River or the Warwick River If you want to head out and get outside and have some fun, then check out the James River. You can rent kayaks and launch into the river and get to see Newport News from a really cool vantage point. If you launch up north of the city, and you’re up for a long kayak trek, you can even pass by Hog Island Wildlife Management center. If that seems like a bit too much of a trip, then consider heading inland and finding a launch spot on the Warwick River. This river cuts right though the center of Newport News and is not as strenuous a trip. Glow-in-the-Dark Bowling If you really don’t feel like kayaking or climbing (maybe you don’t want to get soaked with sweat on your first date!) then hit a bowling alley on glow-in-the-dark night. These are super fun, with music and bright glow-in-the-dark lights. While some places will serve alcohol, you won’t be sitting at or near the bar, so it can be “out of sight, out of mind,” and you and your date will be so consumed with bowling that you won’t even sweat it. Check out a bowling alley like Sparetimes Bowling to find out their...

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How To Replace The Springs And Ball Shooter Rod On A Gottlieb Pinball Machine

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Buying old pinball machines to use at home can be a lot of fun, but many of the machines will need to have maintenance work done to get them working as they did years ago when they were new. You’ll usually find that some things like the springs and tips on the ball shooter rods have deteriorated and broken apart. You need to replace the springs and the ball shooter rod to fix this problem. This is something you should be able to do on your own. If your ball shooter springs and tips have gone bad on your Gottlieb pinball machine, here is how you can replace them. Replacement Rod The shooter rods are usually the same from one pinball machine to the next. You can buy one online or at a local dealer for pinball machines. Make sure you buy a shooter spring and a compressor spring that will fit the rod as well. Remove Playing Field Glass Cover The playing field glass cover sits over the top of the pin machine and covers all the moving parts. You need to remove the glass so you can lift up the playing field to get to the ball shooter. Open the front door of the machine (where the coins go into the machine) and look for the little lever at the top of the door opening. Pull the right side of the lever down to release the flat metal bar at the front of the top of the machine. Close the door. You can now pull the metal bar off of the front of the machine. Grab the glass plates and slide it toward you. The plate will slide down the grooves on both sides of the machine until it comes completely out. Carefully set the glass aside in a safe spot. Remove Ball Shooter Lift up the playing field and set the lift bar in place inside the machine so the field doesn’t fall back down. Remove the two bracket plate nuts on the inside of the machine that holds the ball shooter to the cover plate. Slide the bracket plate off of the shooter rod. You can now slide the shooter arm assembly out of the front of the machine. Take Shooter Rod Assembly Apart You need to remove the cover plate, the little plastic piece support piece, and the washer for the shooter spring. Start by removing the spring clip at the end of the shooter rod. You can take this off with a pair of pliers. Slide the long shooter spring off of the rod. Now, slide the spring cap and the plastic piece off of the rod. You can now slide the cover...

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