If you are going to tour a large city and you aren’t sure how to fit everything in while you’re are there, there are a few different ways you can get to know the city without chaos. If you want to see the true side of the city and how the city became what it was, you need to plan accordingly.

Where you stay, what you plan to see, and how you spend your time will depend on how much of the city you get through. Here are a few things you want to consider when planning the trip.

Stay Downtown

Stay downtown so you can walk everywhere and save money on transportation costs. You can check out all the local restaurants and nightlife without having to worry about driving anywhere, and you can plan your vacation around what areas are the easiest to walk to. The hotel may also have tours and lists of things you can do and they could have shuttles to attractions.

Utilize Bus Tours

A bus tour from a company like Open Loop New York around the city will help you see all of the fun spots, the great historical landmarks, and the important properties, and you don’t have to deal with traffic or get behind the wheel. These tours will help you find places that you want to explore more, and they will allow you to get to see everything in a relaxed atmosphere.

Book and Schedule in Advance

Many different tours and shows or events could need tickets or reservations. Make sure that plan everything before you go so you can get into the clubs or restaurants you want to see and that you get tickets for any shows or events that you have going. You may need to book tours in advance as well. Your hotel may also be able to get you tickets for things in advance.

Looking at the local newspapers when you get there can help you get more insight on what’s going on with the people that live in the city, beyond what is happening at the popular attractions in the city. Ask the hotel workers and locals what you can do where the crowds won’t be huge and the atmosphere will be authentic. You can plan a vacation to a huge city and do things other than what is on the main strip when you get there.